TRANSYT 15.1 Released

TRANSYT 15.1 is now available for download. Current TRANSYT 15 users with a valid maintenance agreement can contact the software team to receive a download code for this latest update.


Designed for US transport professionals, ARCADY Lite is a streamlined version of the highly-regarded ARCADY software used to model and predict capacity, queues and delays at roundabouts. ARCADY Lite features both the ARCADY and HCM 2010 model to provide fast, accurate results in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

TRL Software Workshops

Visit our Training section to find out more about our software training workshops scheduled for 2015.

CERS - Cycling Environment Review System

The Cycling Environment Review System (CERS) makes up part of the Streetaudit systematic review system to assess the quality of any cycling environment in areas such as safety and legibility. CERS can assist in the identification of opportunities to improve cycle routes and public spaces, whilst supporting the effective targeting of physical and financial resources.
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