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Traffic & transportation and software consultancy

We offer a range of consultancy services, primarily based on the use of our software tools but also covering the wider area of traffic and transportation issues. Where necessary we can utilise the expertise of our colleagues at TRL, covering fields as diverse as aviation, rail, freight & logistics, infrastructure, accident investigation and many more, both in the UK and internationally.

Projects range from the simple to the very complex. The software component may be the final output, or it may only be used as a tool along the way. Some examples are:

  • Junction and network analyses, using ARCADY, PICADY, OSCADY, TRANSYT. We can carry out the whole process, starting from a junction plan or network plan and traffic flows, and can provide results from different scenarios and supply recommendations and conclusions.
  • Traffic Signal Design, including independent reviewing of third-party designs
  • We can use any of our software products on your behalf, to save you time and to give objective, independent results.
  • Advice on and setting-up of signal control systems such as MOVA and SCOOT.
  • Advice on strategic modelling plans, for example by building an STM model. This could result in a dedicated version of the software for use with the project.
  • Customisation of existing products to cater for local needs. For example, PERS is subject to continual development in order to add features requested by various local authorities.
  • Development of software to store, analyse and visualise data.
  • Design and construction of websites, on-line questionnaires and mailing lists.
  • Marketing and distribution of software products
  • Development of bespoke software solutions for individual projects
  • Research and development of new models, data or methodologies.

If you would like to discuss any type of project and how we may be able to help you, please contact us.