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Resilient Mobility

Resilient Mobility, a TRL led international initiative, aims to promote actions and policy-making to increase the resilience of transport to climate change impacts. Climate change increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as flooding and heatwaves, and also produces gradual changes in climate which can modify deterioration mechanisms. This can cause significant disruption to travel and damage to transport infrastructure. Planning for these changes and taking action to adapt, reduces the risk of damage and disruption, and the large costs associated with these.

The Resilient Mobility website,, provides information on the different types of action that can be taken; including policy, risk assessment and development of standards, with a particular focus on road and rail sectors. The website also provides details of projects and research increasing the knowledge of adaptation to climate change, and links to sources of further information.

The website was produced by TRL using a custom-built content management system.

Please visit our website or contact the Resilient Mobility team to find out more: