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Strategic Transport Model

Flexible multi-modal modelling tool for Town and Transport Planners

TRL's Strategic Transport Model (STM) is a strategic modelling tool appropriate for Regional Transportation Planning, Structure Plan Development and other applications where there is a need for strategic level transport policy assessment. If required, it can also be used at a more detailed spatial level, such as for corridor analysis.

The model uses a spatial zoning system specified by the client. STM has a significant range of functionality including:

  • Thematic graphical display
  • Park and Ride modelling (multiple sites)
  • Parking supply and charging
  • Public transport supply and fares
  • LRT modelling
  • Urban cordon charging
The model benefits from:

  • Multiple zones to reflect spatial variation
  • Trip generation, trip distribution, and mode choice modelling (including walk and cycle modes)
  • Ability to analyse individual zones or any group of zones (e.g. corridor analysis, conurbation, administrative areas, whole study area)
  • Fully flexible scenario comparisons (can compare any scenario with any other scenario, forecast year or base year)
  • Can model multiple urban centres for parking policy assessment and interaction between urban centres

The STM model is available as part of a consultancy package from TRL. To discuss how the STM model can benefit your organisation please contact us.