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A dynamic, bi-directional and real time link between roundabout CAD design and capacity analysis and another world's first.

The ARCADY AutoTrack Link brings together roundabout design and full geometric capacity analysis to drastically reduce time to design and analyse roundabouts.

1. AutoTrack sends a minimum of six geometric parameters for each approach of each roundabout through to ARCADY
2. ARCADY utilises unique, empirical equations to define the relationship between the entered turning counts and the roundabout design in its current state
3. ARCADY sends back capacity results such as Queue, Delay, RFC (V/C Ratio) and HCM Level of Service for live display in the CAD drawing
4. All results are dynamically updated in real-time as modifications to the design are made.

ARCADY is the world's favourite roundabout analysis software, assessing performance using the full geometric layout of a roundabout or roundabout network. ARCADY predicts capacities, queues and delays and is the direct result of over three decades of research and development.

AutoTrack Junctions is a CAD roundabout design solution by Savoy Computing, which has since been acquired by Autodesk® and has been superseded with the release of Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking.

By dynamically linking capacity analysis with design and merging the two operations, the intelligence available for producing efficient and robust roundabout designs is greatly increased. AutoTrack will even build the ARCADY model automatically and the two programs then communicate seamlessly ensuring that data is constantly synchronised between the two programs.

Results from ARCADY such as RFC (V/C Ratio), Level of Service, Queue and Delay are displayed live in the designers CAD drawing and any changes to geometric data such as tangents, distances, radii and widths will alter the capacity results in real time.

Using the ARCADY AutoTrack link makes for a more user friendly project solution with the added benefit of a reduced design time, improved efficiency, less opportunity for user error and ultimately a reduced project cost.

"What you (Savoy - AutoTrack) have developed with TRL (ARCADY) and Autodesk (AutoCAD Civil 3D) is very exciting and encompasses BIM methodologies entirely based on bi-directional design and analysis workflows and processes." Duncan Brannan, UK CAD Operations Manager, WSP Group.

The link is free to all users of ARCADY 8 to enable 'on-the-project' capacity analysis of roundabout CAD designs as the design evolves.  To watch videos, download resources and find out more about how DOTs, Local Authorities, Municipalities and Consultants are using this intelligent solution contact TRL.

ARCADY is mandated as the only roundabout capacity software for use in the UK since 1981.