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Linking ARCADY to AutoTrack* or Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

A dynamic, bi-directional and real time link between roundabout CAD design and capacity analysis.

By linking ARCADY with Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking in real time, we bring together roundabout design and geometric capacity analysis.

Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking is a CAD roundabout design solution by Autodesk®.  It supersedes AutoTrack Junctions which was a CAD roundabout design solution by Savoy Computing.

The link is provided as a free tool within ARCADY 8 and ARCADY 9 and works as follows:

1. Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking sends geometric parameters for each approach of each roundabout through to ARCADY

2. ARCADY runs its traffic model and sends back capacity results such as Queue, Delay, RFC (V/C Ratio) and HCM Level of Service for live display in the CAD drawing

3. All results are dynamically updated in real-time and displayed in the CAD drawing as modifications to the design are made.

*Link supports AutoTrack Junctions versions 9.01 or above.