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Assessment of Roundabout Capacity and Delay

Fast Roundabout Analysis for North America

ARCADY Lite is a streamlined version of ARCADY, which is based on three decades of research and development by TRL, the UK's Transport Research Laboratory. It is designed for users based in the United States wanting to carry out quick and simple roundabout analysis using either the ARCADY or HCM 2010 models.

A simplified version of the ARCADY user interface provides quick access to essential data screens, specifically chosen to reflect most common usage in North America. In addition, a number of built-in screen layouts are provided which allow access to all inputs and outputs on screen at the same time. If the built-in layouts are not suitable, then it is an easy process to define custom layouts which can be shared with other users.

Modelling a roundabout in ARCADY Lite is as simple as:

1. Start a new file using the setup wizard to set basic options, such as number of roundabout legs
2. Enter roundabout geometries
3. Enter traffic demand in the form of an origin-destination table
4. Enter truck (heavy vehicle) percentages and other optional data for each leg
5. Click “run” and the results are displayed.

The following table summarises the differences between ARCADY Lite and the full version:

Feature ARCADY 9 
(full version)

Types of intersection that can be modelled Roundabouts
Large roundabouts
Multiple intersections;
linked intersections
Model types ARCADY empirical
ARCADY entry-lane simulation
HCM 2010 (roundabouts)
ARCADY empirical
HCM 2010 (roundabouts)
Traffic profile types FLAT
Modelled time period Any 4 x 15 mins
Demand set relationships ü
Units Customisable UK or US defaults
Calibration Various options Percentage intercept adjustments
Pedestrian crossings Unsignalled
Bypass üü
Reports üü (basic)
Intersection diagram üü   (basic)
Queue percentiles ü Q95 only
x-y graphs üü
Geometric Delay ü
Accident prediction ü
Exit restrictions ü
Import/export from ARCADY 6ü
Compare files ü

The more advanced functionality of the full version of ARCADY can be unlocked at any time by upgrading the licence. Within the full version, the ARCADY Lite user interface can be selected as an option, making it easy to switch between the “Lite” and the full ARCADY interfaces.

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