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  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

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Optimised Signal Capacity and Delay, Phase-based Rapid Optimisation of traffic signals

OSCADY PRO is a advanced traffic signal design program for the rapid optimisation of isolated signal controlled intersections. OSCADY PRO makes use of a number of unique techniques to produce signal timing plans that achieve maximum intersection capacity, minimum delay or critical cycle times based on user preference.

Main Features

  • Simple and intuitive intersection design with new modelling features
  • Automatically generate signal stages and stage sequences
  • Achieve maximum intersection capacity and minimise delay
  • Easily add new lanes, traffic streams or roads
  • Quickly add new phases and specify phase movements
  • Accident prediction (frequencies or indices)

OSCADY PRO can automatically generate and optimise signal stages and stage sequences, all that is needed is for the user to enter minimum intergreen times in the intergreen matrix. The program does the rest and calculates all possible stages and stage sequences, OSCADY then produces sets of individual phase timings that maximise capacity and/or minimise delay. Phase delays and repeated greens are automatically handled by the program and at large or complex intersections the best stage sequences automatically identified.

Please note that TRANSYT is now a feature-rich alternative to OSCADY PRO for modelling individual signalised junctions.  It now includes its own ability to automatically generate stages, phase delays and stage sequences.  This is in addition to all its existing capabilities for modelling networks, most of which are just as relevant to individual junction design and evaluation.  TRL can advise you as to which product will best suit your needs.