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  • Apple iOS 4
  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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TRL Mobile Traffic Apps

A collection of small apps useful to the Traffic Engineer in the field of junction design and signalised traffic control.


TRL Mobile Traffic Apps (“TrafApps” for short) is a collection of two small programs useful to the Traffic Engineer in the field of Junction Design and Signalised Traffic Control.  The programs have been developed specifically for use on the iPhone and the iPad. 

In this first release there are two programs in the collection, MOVASPEED and SATFLOW.  MOVASPEED allows you to derive “cruise speeds” and other speed measuring situations, while SATFLOW allows you to measure saturation flows and start and end lags for approaches to traffic signals.


SATFLOW allows you to measure saturation flows and start and end lags for approaches to traffic signals.  Using SATFLOW allows one person on their own to adhere to the particular TRL-developed data collection methodology which ensures accurate measurements of saturation flows and start and end displacements/lags.  The alternative of manually counting traffic without the aid of software is particularly demanding and prone to inaccuracies.


MOVASPEED allows one person to derive “cruise speeds” and measure traffic speeds in other situations.  This speed is the 85th percentile of the mean free-flow approach speed (per lane) when the traffic signals are green and there are no queues ahead to inhibit the arriving traffic.  Accurate cruise speeds are vitally important to the successful implementation of TRL’s vehicle-responsive method of controlling isolated traffic signals - MOVA.

MOVA Speed is now available as a Windows OS as part of MOVA Tools.

New features

Both these programs will be familiar to the many traffic engineers who have used it before, some of which may have seen it migrate all the way through the years from the early versions running on the not-so-portable Epson HX-20 (but with its nifty built-in thermal printer!) through the versions for the PC and the Palm OS.  TrafApps makes good use of some of the facilities that modern smart phones offer, such as using the device’s build-in GPS capability to populate the Site Name and Location coordinates using a map.  Additionally, when using TrafApps on any iOS device with access to email, you can easily and simply email a report of the results so that you can pick them up later wherever you are, or send them to a colleague to make use of, even before you get back to the office.

Purchasing TrafApps

This product is normally available Free of Charge via the iTunes website, but is currently withdrawn whilst updates are conducted. There is no planned release date at present, but it is not in the immediate future.

There are no plans for Android OS at present.

TrafApps is searchable by any of the following keywords in addition to its full title “TRL TrafApps”: TrafApps, TRL, BUNDLE, BUNDLE4, MOVA, MOVASPEED, SATFLOW, CFP, STC.

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