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Current Version

This product is a component within TRANSYT 13, 14 and 15

System Requirements

  • A licensed copy of TRANSYT 15 and a licensed copy of Aimsun (64-bit) version 8 (up to 8.2.1)
  • A licensed copy of TRANSYT 13 or 14 and a licensed copy of Aimsun (32-bit) versions 6.1, version 7 (up to 7.0.7)

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Optimise Aimsun networks using TRANSYT

TRANSYT-Aimsun LINK is a component for TRANSYT 15, TRANSYT 14 and TRANSYT 13 that allows the user to optimise fixed time signals in Aimsun* networks.

TRANSYT includes several sophisticated traffic models, including the Platoon Dispersal Model (PDM) and Cell Transmission Model (CTM).  These models are quick to set up and fast to run, making it easy to set up a TRANSYT network from scratch, optimise signals and obtain good results very rapidly.  Micro-simulations offer a way to model highly complex networks and other scenarios with a high degree of realism.  However, they usually rely on the user to input their own signal timing, which can be a time consuming and difficult process.

To help bridge the gap, TRL has developed a software tool that imports Aimsun signal timing data into TRANSYT and then uses the TRANSYT signal optimisers in conjunction with the Aimsun traffic model to produce an optimum set of signals.  The user can define the optimiser objective, so that it may be, for example, a traditional TRANSYT style performance index based on stops and delays, but it could also be based on many of the other available outputs from the micro-simulation model.  TRANSYT works with fixed time signals, but the method is applicable to whatever type of signal control is used in the Aimsun network, and is mostly automated - so a minimum of input from the user is needed.

A further application of TRANSYT-Aimsun LINK is that TRANSYT can be used to visualise, validate and edit signal plans for an Aimsun network.

TRANSYT-Aimsun LINK is available as a tool within TRANSYT 15, TRANSYT 14 (14.1.1 and above) and TRANSYT 13, but is sold and licensed separately.  For further details, please contact TRL Software.

TRANSYT 14 supports Aimsun 7

TRANSYT 15 supports Aimsun 7 and Aimsun 8

* Aimsun is a product of Aimsun SL

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