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Links and Import Capabilities

TRANSYT 15 offers a number of options for the import and export of data to allow the full benefit of TRANSYT's capabilities to be realised.

  • Files originating from previous versions including TRANSYT 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 can be imported and re-analysed (including TRANSYT 12 NetCon diagram files).
  • Import TRANSYT 7 SET and TRANSYT 7F files.
  • Import TRANED 2 files for more advanced modelling.
  • SCOOT traffic flow messages can be imported into TRANSYT 14 (and above) to utilise live and up-to-date traffic flows.
  • Import SCATS traffic flow data to optimise offsets and signal timings.
  • The TRANSYT VISSIM Link (available as an additional chargeable option) allows for the import of PTV's VISSIM signal data for coordination and optimisation of Vissim micro simulation networks. TRANSYT 15 features VISSIM Link 2 which allows for import of VISSIM 7 signal data.
  • The TRANSYT Aimsun Link (available as an additional chargeable option) allows for the import of TSS's Aimsun signal data to coordinate and optimise traffic signals for Aimsun micro simulation networks. The latest version of the link included within TRANSYT 15 supports import from Aimsun 8.