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  • Windows XP or above.

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Microcomputer Accident Analysis Package

TRL’s Accident Analysis package

MAAP is one of the most useful pieces of safety software developed by TRL, with satisfied customers throughout the UK as well as places such as Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius and Indonesia.

MAAP provides the accident investigator with sophisticated techniques in accident data storage and analysis. Its tools to identify and analyse problems with accidents, and for isolating common features in accidents, are sophisticated yet simple enough to use to provide a high level of productivity.

MAAP's extensive facilities include accident, casualty and vehicle cross tabulations with graphical presentation of cluster analysis and stick diagram analysis. Accidents can be displayed and analysed by location by use of digital maps of the area concerned using MAAP's Geographical Information System. Data handling within MAAP is based on an Access or SQL Server database and affords the user numerous benefits which include, amongst others:

  • A simple user-friendly data entry interface with data validation
  • Data storage on a PC for single user or small network, or to any industry standard network using a SQL server database
  • Intrinsic multi-user capability
  • Flexible and powerful data security

MAAP is a user configurable product. It has been designed for use by Police Forces, Local Authorities, International Governments and Highway Network Authorities. It is used as a tool for the storage and analysis of road traffic accident data. Each copy of MAAP is configured for the individual needs of each customer - in particular, adapting the program to the customer's accident report form, maps and databases. Sometimes the package is included as part of a Road Traffic Safety project funded by an external agency.

MAAP can be provided in any language, and we currently have English, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Russian and Vietnamese versions.