System Requirements

  • Any device capable of accessing the internet via a web browser

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How user-friendly is your street?

Historically, obtaining public opinion on the local streetscape can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes intrusive. In response to demand for greater interaction between provider (local authorities) and end-user (the general public), TRL Software has developed Ratemystreet.  

Ratemystreet is an easy-to-use website utilising Google Maps and Google Street View designed to encourage feedback from users on their local streets using a five-star rating system.

Ratemystreet can also be used as a complimentary tool to TRL’s highly successful PERS (Pedestrian Environment Review System) street audit software and is unique in that it focuses on a street’s “usability”, allowing visitors to submit ratings using the following categories:

·         Crossing the street

·         Pavement width

·         Trip hazards

·         Finding your way

·         Safety from crime

·         Safety from traffic

·         Clean & attractive

·         Disabled access

With over 10,000 ratings already submitted across worldwide locations as diverse as Hawaii, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Australia (to name a few), Ratemystreet is proving to be an extremely powerful data collection tool.

The site is optimised for use on devices including the Apple iPad, and native mobile applications for iPhone and Android are in the planning/development stages which may even make use of a mobile device’s in-built GPS and camera to further enhance the user experience.

No logon details are required, which makes Ratemystreet the ideal public consultation tool allowing users to register their views quickly and easily. Visitors can add reviews and recommendations on the walkability of each street and, because the website is open to all, anyone can add a rating of their local neighbourhood. The system relies on self-organisation to ensure that the overall rating for a street is representative once enough ratings have been submitted.

Ratemystreet is hosted by TRL Software and can be customised and “skinned” to mirror an existing website’s theme, for example that of a local authority, municipality or lettings and estate agents (it’s an ideal additional tool for student accommodation searches). Data fields can be tailored to collect data for streets, towns, parking facilities and intersections (such as roundabouts), and the ratings can be prioritised according to local importance.

Sitting alongside TRL’s comprehensive street auditing capabilities in pedestrian, cycling and freight environments, the preview version of the website is available at www.ratemystreet.co.uk