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Traffic & Control

TRL's Traffic and Network software include products that are industry standards in the traffic and transportation field. They are complemented by new and innovative software solutions designed to maximise productivity.

MOVA is a control system for traffic light signals at isolated junctions. It intelligently switches between delay-minimising and capacity-maximising modes, depending on traffic demand. Currently the UK is thought to have at least 3000 sites equipped with MOVA, with each year seeing at least another 200 installations.

SCOOT is an urban traffic control system that controls signals in networks of junctions. It is adaptive and responds automatically to traffic fluctuations, making it particularly effective in areas where traffic flows are unpredictable. It is now used in over 250 towns and cities in the UK and overseas.

TRANSYT Online extends TRANSYT's functionality and allows optimised Signal Plans to be sent directly to on-street controllers to allow frequent retiming without the need to go out on the street in response to events.