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MOVA Tools Simulation

A major new feature (added in version 2.0 of MOVA Tools) allows simple simulation of a MOVA site using the configuration data and additional simulation data such as flow sources and exit lane "segments" (as they are known). The simulation allows the user to visually analyse the traffic flow and the impact of site configuration data on MOVA behaviour.

The simulator is very simple and can be used to effectively "exercise" MOVA in a reasonably realistic environment. It is sufficient to test the basics of MOVA data and junction operation allowing engineers to identify MOVA data issues prior to arriving at site. The simulation can also answer many questions on how MOVA will behave, particularly in unusual circumstances, but cannot be used to validate MOVA for the site under test.

Up to 10 junctions can be simulated in a single file and facilities are available for phase confirms to be passed between junctions to allow linking.

The site configuration data elements in MOVA Tools provide information required to create MOVA configuration data for a given site. In order to simulate the site, new simulation entities and data elements are required to allow the simulation model to be built. The new entities and data elements will be used for simulation purposes only and are not part of the site configuration data the forms the ".mds" file.

Simulation Diagram

Introduced in MOVA Tools 2.0, a new "Simulation Diagram" allows users to:

  • Add new simulation entities
  • Control the running simulation
  • Override some simulation entities (e.g. detectors)
  • Visualise traffic flows (movement of vehicles)

The simulation diagram is opened by clicking on the "Simulation Diagram" icon located on the left-hand toolbar in the main screen.

Any changes made to MOVA data in the simulation diagram are reflected in the design diagram and vice versa. However, the simulation-only entities appear in the simulation diagram only.

MOVA Tools Simulation, is a separately licensed feature of MOVA Tools which is available by accessing the Downloads area of the website, entering details within the "Download Tools and Demos" section and then selecting "MOVA Tools" from the list of available downloads.