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Urban Traffic Management & Air Quality

uTRAQ - Urban Traffic Management and Air Quality is being developed as a project, part funded by the European Space Agency through ARTES IAP 20 (Advanced Research in Telecommunications, Integrated Applications Program 20). 

The software breaks new ground by bringing air quality, weather monitoring systems capability, modelling and traffic forecasting tools and adaptive management systems into one single, user-centric intelligent integrated solution. An intelligent decision support tool enables a traffic control operator to implement traffic control strategies which can be used to mitigate the effects of local traffic air pollution, reduce pollution hotspots and exceed air quality thresholds. 

uTRAQ is a modular system which works in conjunction with existing UTC systems such as SCOOT or TRANSYT Online. It is used to assess traffic control and air quality management strategies as part of the optimisation of traffic signal timings. 

The uTRAQ system takes data feeds from a combination of existing terrestrial and Earth observation space assets without the need for additional ground based sensors and infrastructure. 

Information and data feeds such as:

  • Current network state
  • Air Quality
  • MACC - Nowcasts and Forecasts
  • Meteorological - Nowcasts and Forecasts
The combination of a decision support tool with a library of strategies, state of the art traffic model, air quality model and UTC adaptor enables near real-time analysis of traffic and air quality. This is then passed to the UTC through the UTC Common Database. 

Available as Software as a Service (SaaS), uTRAQ presents a cost-effective tool which is the next step change in Urban Traffic Management.