ARCADY 7 was first introduced in July 2009.  It was superseded by ARCADY 8 in February 2012.

ARCADY 7 introduced the following new features over its predecessor, ARCADY 6:
  • Brand new user interface, providing a task list, window management tools, data grids, undo/redo and many more
  • Analyse multiple scenarios simultaneously
  • Interactive roundabout diagram showing entry, circulating and exit flows
  • Model linked roundabouts
  • Dynamically updating GUI provides immediate feedback

New modelling features included:

  • Linked roundabouts - model entire systems of roundabouts
  • Entry and exit restrictions
  • Puffin crossing model
  • Minimum/maximum capacity functions
  • Improved SATURATION mode
  • Level of Service outputs
  • Peak Hour Factor traffic flows
  • Direct entry of slope/intercept
  • More options for flow and capacity scaling
  • More options for capacity adjustments
  • Easily see the effect on any aspect of performance due to changing flows or capacity
  • More queue variation options
  • Set up a different traffic profile type on each arm
  • More outputs, including random queues and exit/circulating flows
ARCADY 7 Version History

Further details about the ARCADY product can be found on the main ARCADY page.