Version History

ARCADY 7 Version History


Area Change
GUI Fixed bug that caused report to show same data for multiple demand sets
GUI Linked roundabout data now included in reports
GUI Various minor bug fixes
MODEL Various minor bug fixes

ARCADY 7.1.0, 21st February 2011

Area Change
GUI Various minor bug fixes
MODEL Various minor bug fixes

ARCADY 7.0.1, 12th March 2010

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Area Change
GUI General operation of GUI significantly improved
GUI Size of data files reduced by up to 90%.
GUI Additional tools to aid setting up of linked roundabouts
GUI Better display of warnings/errors when running multiple analysis/demand sets
GUI Improvements to Data Grids, Summary Results screen, Analyser screen
GUI Results button on main vertical toolbar now has a drop-down menu allowing quick access to results for either time segments or for the whole period.
GUI Now possible to import/export user preferences
Diagram Various improvements, including button to toggle background on/off and printing of backgrounds.
MODEL New options available when modelling linked roundabouts.  In essence these allow the user to distinguish between closely and widely spaced roundabouts.
MODEL Certain combinations of options banned
MODEL Bug fixes to pedestrian crossing models
MODEL Analysis Sets can now reference more than one Demand Sets.

ARCADY 7.0.0, 10th July 2009

ARCADY 7.0.0 was a major release that included a redesigned GUI and many changes to both the GUI and the model.  For full details, please see the ARCADY 7 overview.