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Junctions 8 [ARCADY 8 / PICADY 8]

Junctions 8, made up of ARCADY 8 and PICADY 8, was first introduced in February 2012.  It was superseded by Junctions 9 in May 2015.

Junctions 8 introduced the following features:
  • Entry Lane Simulation enables full simulation of individual entry lanes to be performed on existing ARCADY models. The user can quickly see where unbalanced queuing may occur and if lane starvation may take place. The simulation takes into account the geometric layout of the roundabout, turning proportions and user-specified lane designations.  Lane movements can then be altered easily using the roundabout diagram to explore and identify the optimum lane configuration.
  • ARCADY-AutoTrack Link became free to all users to enable on-the-go analysis of roundabout CAD designs on one single screen, as the design evolves.
  • HCM 2010 Roundabout Capacity Model was introduced for international customers needing to submit analysis using different analysis models, making ARCADY 8 the only tool necessary.
  • Simplification of the options for the modelling of linked roundabouts which were first introduced in ARCADY 7
  • Bypass flows at roundabouts that can be explicitly stated by users.
  • Residual Capacity mode quantifies the ‘spare’ capacity at any roundabout

Junctions 8 Version History

Quick-Start guide to Junctions 8

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