OSCADY PRO 1: This version of OSCADY PRO was first introduced in 2006. The "PRO" stands for "Phase-based rapid optimisation", as it is an advanced traffic signal design program for the rapid optimisation of isolated signal controlled intersections. 

OSCADY PRO makes use of a number of unique techniques to produce signal timing plans that achieve maximum intersection capacity, minimum delay or critical cycle times based on user preferences. 

The latest minor release (v1.3.1) introduces a number of important improvements including a new option to generate up to the 10 simplest (TRANSYT-style) stage sequences.  The summary results now shows the final stage sequences.  Another new option is added to run all sequences without modification, i.e. sequences are 'locked'.  A number of other minor or trivial changes have also been made.  The user guide is updated to reflect all the above changes.  Finally, a repair is made to ensure that OSCADY PRO will continue to work on Windows XP (SP3) and beyond.

Please note that although support for this version of OSCADY PRO is still offered by TRL, use of it on operating systems beyond Windows 7 cannot be guaranteed.   Any lack of functionality caused by using OSCADY PRO on newer platforms will not necessarily be repaired.   If you experience problems with the product on newer platforms we strongly recommend considering another of our signal optimisation products - TRANSYT 15, which is supported on all current Windows operating systems.

The current maintenance version of OSCADY PRO is version 1.3.1