This version of TRANSYT was first introduced in 2008. This version introduced the Cell Transmission Model (CTM) as an alternative traffic model capable of modelling the blocking back effects of downstream links, as well as a modern fully-integrated graphical user interface and many other significant new features.

A minor release (v13.1) replaced this version in 2009. This version introduced a revised method of entering traffic flow data in the form of an OD Matrix as well as several other enhancements, such as the introduction of a Time Distance Diagram.

Please note that although support for this version of TRANSYT is still offered by TRL, use of it on operating systems that were released after the main development of this version cannot be guaranteed, i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8 and all 64-bit systems cannot be guaranteed.  Any lack of functionality caused by using TRANSYT 13 on these platforms cannot be repaired.  If you experience problems with the product on these platforms we strongly recommend upgrading to our latest product, TRANSYT 15.

The current maintenance version of TRANSYT 13 is version 13.1.4, which was released in April 2014. (TRANSYT 13.1.4 release notes).

Further details about this product product can be found on the main TRANSYT page.