TRANSYT 14: This version of TRANSYT was first introduced in 2010.   Building on its reputation for designing and modelling signalised roundabouts and coordinated networks, TRANSYT 14 added a whole new dimension. No longer was TRANSYT considered just a network tool - TRANSYT 14 has specific functionality for easy assessment of isolated signal-controlled junctions, and mixed signalled and unsignalled networks in addition to its traditional roles.

A minor release (v14.1) replaced this version in 2011. This version introduced a journey-time equilibrium assignment model into TRANSYT, as well as many other modelling and graphical interface improvements and new features.  

Please note that although support for this version of TRANSYT is still offered by TRL, use of it on operating systems beyond Windows 8 cannot be guaranteed. Any lack of functionality caused by using TRANSYT 14 on newer platforms will not necessarily be repaired.   If you experience problems with the product on newer platforms we strongly recommend upgrading to our latest product, TRANSYT 15.

The current maintenance version of TRANSYT 14 is version 14.1.4, which was released in August 2015. (TRANSYT 14.1 release notes) These release notes also include a summary of what is new in TRANSYT 14.1 compared with TRANSYT 14.0.

New Features introduced for the first time in TRANSYT 14:

Further details about this product can be found on the main TRANSYT page.