TRANSYT 15 is the current major version version of TRANSYT - The internationally well known software product for modelling and signal optimisation of all traffic networks from large signalised networks to single partially or fully unsignalled junctions.

The latest version (TRANSYT 15.5) extends the capability of TRANSYT in many directions; including its use for designing junctions with the addition of the new lane flow diagram, in the form of a comprehensive set of new lane flow network overlays.

The current release of TRANSYT 15 is version 15.5.1, which was released in September 2017. Please see the version history for details of what enhancements and fixes are included in this latest release.

TRANSYT 15 Version History

Users of TRANSYT 15.0 and 15.1 might also benefit from looking at this short list of changes:

Changes to look out for in TRANSYT 15.5 

Please see the TRANSYT main product page for more information on the features of TRANSYT 15. 

TRANSYT Product Page

Key new features in TRANSYT 15 include:

· Full set of priority objects, including a new crossroads object (incorporating the PICADY crossroads model)*

· Model and GUI speed improvements

· Pedestrian crossing 'walk-on-red' behaviour model

· Saving of results for all analysis sets within one file

· User-selectable sharing of data between data sets

· Lane-flow diagram overlays (for junction design work)

· Ability to add new Traffic Types (with associated PCU Factors)

· Three-dimensional network diagram

· In-diagram editable timing wheels

· Locking of stage start and/or end times on one controller stream to that on another controller stream

· Auto-calculation of inter-greens, conflicts and various other data, from the geometry of the network diagram

· 64-bit version

*subject to having a valid PICADY 8 or PICADY 9 licence.